"Live Happy. Be Healthy. B Fit!

Services Include

Corporate Trainings/Bootcamps - The advantages of having a Corporate Fitness program are endless. Not only does it bring a sense of unity, and but it also creates a happier and healthier work environment. In addition, it will:

  • Improve worker satisfaction (attract and retain talent)

  • Achieve higher employee productivity

  • Improve employee morale and loyalty

  • And big picture, it can even help lower health care costs

Making it easier for employees to find time to exercise with a certified trainer will improve their health and well-being, which can have significant financial benefits to any business, such as increased productivity. Giving employees a convenient means of exercising and blowing off steam also might improve the company’s bottom line. My goal as a fitness professional, is to bring new perspectives and ideas about health, nutrition, and fitness to employees and keep them motivated and determined to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Don't have a gym at your office? No problem. Conference rooms, Front yards, Back yards, local parks, neighborhood community areas - any open space will do!

Bridal & Bachelorette Bootcamps- Listen up brides and bridesmaids!! It's crunch time before the wedding and it's time to get fit and ready for that dress! Think of how fun it would be to get all your girlfriends into a room/gym,  out on the beach, or down at the park, for a little butt kicking Bootcamp :) Let's face it - we've all been to bachelorette parties before - you know, the one's with "pizza deliver guys," cheesey games (i.e. Pin the Male on the Macho), and drink after drink. If you're getting married, or if you are planning a fun weekend for the bride to be, mix things up a bit with a FUN bachelorette bootcamp that will leave you feeling healthy, fit, motivated, and ready for the big day!